Fire/EMS Exploring is open to young men and women ages 14 (and completed the 8th grade) through 20 years old with an interest in learning more about careers in the field of Fire and EMS.

Fire/EMS Exploring provides educational training programs for young adults on the purposes, mission, and objectives of the fire service. The program provides career orientation experiences, leadership opportunities, and community service activities. The primary goals of the program are to help young adults choose a career path within the fire service and to challenge them to become responsible citizens of their communities and the nation.

– Fire District professionalism standards must be met and maintained.

– Explorers must adhere to grooming standard

– Attend meetings and trainings

– If in school, a “C” average must be maintained.

– Explorers are between the ages of 14-20 and in high school

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Upcoming Meetings:

Monday May 29th 3pm – 5pm Station 620 9310 N. Shannon Rd.

Monday June 5th 5pm – 7pm Station 610 1175 W. Magee Rd

Monday June 12th 5pm – 7pm Station 620 9310 N. Shannon Rd


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