Q. Does Mountain Vista Fire District respond to venomous pest calls?

A. Yes, in the event you have a snake in your home or yard and need it removed you should call 911. At the time of the call, the dispatcher will determine the level of urgency and we will respond accordingly. If it is an immediate threat, we will respond immediately. If not, we will treat it as a non-emergency service and respond as soon as possible, but a life threatening emergency would take precedence.

Q. When firefighters are not out fighting fires, what are they doing?

A. During their 24 hour shift, firefighters follow a daily routine around the 911 calls. They complete apparatus checks and facilities maintenance. They train, drill and workout daily. The firefighters participate in the District outreach and educational programs that take place within our community. They shop for, purchase and cook all their own meals.

Q: What is a fire district?

A: A fire district is a political subdivision of Pima County and the State of Arizona and operates under the provisions of Arizona Revised Statues, specifically ARS Title 48.seat.

Q: What services are provided by the District?

A: We provide fire suppression, rescue and emergency medical services by highly qualified fire personnel (Captains, Apparatus Operators, Firefighters, EMT’s and Paramedics). Our response apparatus include fire engines, a ladder truck, water tenders, rescue vehicles and brush trucks. Transport services to area hospitals are provided by Southwest Ambulance or Rural Metro.

In addition to the above, the Fire District provides the following services free of charge to District residents:

Blood Pressure Screening: Residents may drop by our fire stations anytime between the hours of 8:00 am and 9:00 pm. If crews are not out on District business (911 calls, training), they will be happy to assist you. If you need immediate attention, please dial 911.

Vehicle & Home Lockout Assistance: Locked your keys in the car or locked out of your house? Give us a call for assistance.

Smoke Detector Inspection: Not sure when you checked your detector last? We can determine if it is operating properly.

Desert Creature Removal: Unwanted desert creatures can be removed from your home and taken to their natural habitat.

Community Education: Speakers are available for your homeowners group or civic organization.

Fire Prevention and Life Safety Programs: We are happy to provide education programs to the community. Topics of interest include water safety, drowning prevention, in-school fire safety programs, CPR and First Aid training and National Fire Prevention Week activities.

The Mountain Vista Fire District community meeting room is available for use by homeowner associations, civic organizations, etc. per the guidelines.

Q. Where should smoke detectors be located in my home?

A. Residential smoke detectors are early warning devices to wake a sleeping person or persons. Smoke detectors should be placed in each bedroom (sleeping area) and in the hallway leading to the bedrooms.

Q. What is the best fire extinguisher to purchase for home use?

A. There are a few different types of fire extinguishers, typically ABC type extinguishers are suitable for home use.

Q: How is the District funded?

A: The District is funded primarily through your property taxes.

Q: Who sets the tax rate?

A: The tax rate is set each June by the Mountain Vista Fire District Governing Board after careful review of current revenue and anticipated expenditures.

Q: I currently do not have fire protection services, how can I become part of Mountain Vista Fire District?

A: It is possible for the Fire District to annex your property into the District. You as the property owner need to request to be annexed and your property has to have a contiguous boundary with the Fire District. From there we will work with you to complete the annexation process.

Q: Why does a fire engine respond on medical calls?

A: Our fire engines and ladder truck are ALS (advanced life support) equipped and capable of providing advanced medical intervention and procedures.

Q: Does the District have a volunteer program.

A: Yes, the District is currently taking applications for Volunteers. See the information on community page.

Q: I see the fire engines in the grocery store and mall parking lots, why are they there?

A: Generally if it is a grocery store they are there to purchase food to prepare their meals. The firefighters need to stay together to ensure rapid response times. If you see the fire trucks in a mall parking lot it is likely they are staging at what we call the mid-point. If the units are called out we will sometimes move the units to a mid-point between stations to ensure efficient coverage.

If you come across our firefighters at the grocery or some other location outside the station and you are curious about what they are doing, just ask them.

Q: Who is responsible for the operations of the Fire District?

A: Mountain Vista Fire District has a five member Board of Directors elected at large by the registered voters of the District. The Board members are elected in alternating two-year cycles, each serving four-year terms so that no more than three directors are elected every two years. The Fire District Board members are governed by Arizona State Law. The Board establishes the policies of the District, and they approve the District’s annual budget.

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